Wednesday, January 17, 2007

First Daff and Mr. Jay's Success!

Alice noticed the bird feeder swinging wildly today. Soon she saw Mr. Jay perched on it. After much thought, he's found a way to the best seeds now the sun has come out and after the rain last night. Nothing like a cold night and sunny morning to perk up your apetite. He picks out a sunflower seed and then flies to the nearby clump of birches.
Meanwhile, far below, the first daffodil is almost ready to bloom on the primrose path. Alice must get out there and start weeding before things get out of hand. I like it when she does that. I stretch out on the sidewalk with my leash attached to the birdbath and watch everything happening on our street. And also close my eyes and sniff all the nearby blocks, too.
However, sad news. Neighbor's big pink bouganvillia has been hard hit by the cold nights. Maybe only the limbs sheltered by others will make it. Alice lost a big boug to frost back in the last hard winter of 1998. Everyone's citrus trees are still under big sheets and tarps, and all the calla lillies are bent over. More cold nights ahead.