Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Needles the Wonder Dog

Alice was away for a bit earlier this month. She has been slowly telling me what she did. I think the first most important thing she did was to think of me when she saw Burden's Urban Light at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Scores of real and old lightposts. What fun for us dogs! How truly beautiful for the people to look at all times of the day and night! Easy to see from a very busy street. Not hidden like that expensive 2% "public (ha!) art" in our town at the pumping station...
Alice then spent some time in a sunken garden with a lawn and hollyhocks. Tucked behind some flowers was this little cross.

It has a picture for Needles the Wonder Dog, a doberman who used to spend lots of time in that garden. Here is another picture of Needles.
I think Needles spent a lot of time at the old El Garces Hotel in Needles, California. One day I expect I will go to Needles and to that sunken garden, too, to sniff the hollyhocks and commune in a sunspot with all the happy dogs who have sniffed there.