Sunday, April 05, 2009

Conmael and the Windsor Greys

Last week was all about Irish moss and spring bulbs with halibut or beef plus rhubarb shortcake for some of my human family celebrating something or other in California, while in London, Conmael, the Irish Wolfhound; and Daniel, Stevenson, McCarthy and San Anton, all Windsor Greys, got to meet Laster's people, Felipe and Margarita. The people in London got to eat halibut or beef, too, plus a charlotte with "Balmoral" redcurrants that evening. I hope Conmael and the Greys got something extra tasty, too.

Not sure if Pika's Big Guy got to meet last week any of that pack of corgis who all know well the Windsor Greys. I offered to send through him to that pack some tiny Greenies plus a large size one for Comnal, but he was traveling light and fast dashing from continent to continent. Maybe Felipe and Margarita brought something for the dogs and their human hosts? I know Felipe works for all us dogs and all of nature, too!
Or perhaps they got something from the driver of this car in their backyard last week?
I think Pika's Guy was very sorry not to meet Daniel and his team. They are indeed something special in the horse world. Still..... which would you rather do? Get stuck in a closed coach in chilly weather or have a picnic - with dogs aboard! - in Baja California?
Here is Alice earlier this year working on learning how to drive a pair of Mexican Azteca horses named Palmero and Forestero. A fox terrier is ready to jump aboard. We dogs really like open carriages and buggies low enough to jump on and off. When Alice drives in Baja she gets to take along *all* the local dogs: fox terriers, a doberman named Sprago (who is always aboard first as the top dog), a shepard, and others who take turns getting aboard. The terriers, especially Mara, love to play chicken with the horses by laying down in their trotting paths! If I had been there, I would have sat next to Alice on the bench where the other dogs are not allowed to go.

I think Conmaeal deserves to come to Baja with the Windsor Greys for some driving in the hot sun. I'll dream of him onboard a well-sprung buggy with me, Pika, Laster, Sprago and Mara instead of him just sitting on the cold pavement in London town. If I dream it hard enough, he and Pika will feel the Baja Sun on their fur.