Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More for May 27

After baseball viewing, Alice took me to see the latest "public art" project in our town. Here I am in front of it - the first photo Alice FINALLY has been able to download direct from her phone to computer once she bought a new cable, downloaded a driver, read the FAQs.....
Guess what the "art" it is!
Hints: You have to drive along a frontage road of a big highway, pull in an unmarked driveway, park and walk behind a building to see it. "Storm Water Pump" page 3. Rumor is the artist got thousands of dollars (10K+?) and this is her second or third city commission.
Alice told me yesterday she herself would like to buy several spray paint cans and go paint similar squiggles on the side of the building facing the big highway so that at least some people could see a "work of art". She offers here and now to do it for the cost of the paint cans if her city would deign to have art visible to the highway drivers instead of for just those who love scavenger hunts and similar Milard Filmore Trivia Hunts.
I, however, would prefer any paint used to be the scratch and sniff variety. Smelling like all my favorite neighbor dogs.... and a nice patch of real grass with wonderful smells to lawn dive into.....hmmmm.... THAT would really be Great Art, no?!