Monday, June 16, 2008

My Furry Relations

Am I the only one to notice I look very much like the dogs on the Tibetan flag? Been seeing lots of Tibetan flags around town. Many wonder if they will see them at the Olympics this Summer.
I think the Olympics are totally discriminatory. No dogs can compete! Not a single dog walking competition. No watch dog event. Not even a search dog event!!! Honestly - what is better for Planet Earth: dog walking or Greco-Roman wrestling? I *hate* watching anyone wrestle, especially dogs when one dominates pinning another over and over again (shudder). There is a bully-dog at the nearest park to my house. I've seen him do that to other dogs. Not nice. Not nice at all.
Horses can compete at the Olympics. Horses have better friends at the Olympics than do we dogs. Here's an interesting link to a lady who is a "junior" wife to someone who supports her horse activities. She rode in the Sydney Olympics and then qualified for the Athens' one... but... very strange, got married instead and no more riding at the Olympics for her. She'll be in Hong Kong at the Olympics supporting horses and their riders at the Hong Kong Jockey Club venue. She's still riding, but seems to do more "endurance" riding than the Olympics three-day eventing.
We dogs need a person like that to get us into the Olympics. But, Alice says, please no "junior" wife deals. Ick, she says.