Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Mayor of The Willows

At the local school "dog services" today, I met my first ever Tibetan Mastiff. BIG!!! His nickname is "The Mayor of the Willows". He is quite dignified. I was not scared of him at all. Went right up, asked permission and then went in for the sniff. In turn, he deigned to sniff me.
I think he noticed my tail has longer hair.... I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams my tail could be more impressive than a Tibetan Mastiffs!
Continued on a walk and had a nice nose-to-nose with Stella the Beagle. Her person, Jocelyn, and Alice talked about Shanghai. Jocelyn said her favorite things to do there was get up very early to watch and do tai chi with others along the river bank.. Sounds good to me! Early morning walks are wonderful.
Jocelyn also recommended visits to tea gardens. That sounds good - lots of bushes to sniff and the people sitting down for long times drinking tea and watching the world.
Alice says she is going to China for a short trip. I know she will miss me, but I have some consulations like getting walks with Dan and Cecil. And getting lots and lots of Greenies in this room with the animal carpet. That's the first photo Alice has ever taken with her phone camera. How about that! Maybe she'll send me some pix from China?