Friday, April 16, 2010

Comfy Pants

Alice got some new stripey pants. She says they are very comfy and rather loud, being Loudmouth Pants. I wouldn't know. Dogs are colorblind! Here she was earlier this week helping to teach 145 people how to curl in San Jose in a photo taken by Gabrielle C. for .
I am not sure about those pants. They may mean she will do more curling if they are that comfy. She assures me she is working on finding a place where I can watch curling - most likely somewhere outside like Ice Lakes or Caples Lake in the Sierra Nevadas where the ice is very thick in Winter. I would be glad to watch curling if I had a nice blanket and dog bed plus some warm chicken from a wide-mouth Thermos. A small treat of vanilla icecream would make my day. A small sled with extra blankets for me would be nice, too....