Thursday, January 07, 2010

Is the Grand Match on?!?

Every last curler in Scotland is waiting for colder weather and an announcement that the Grand Match is on!

(Locally, Alice is also waiting for the call for the Mavericks surfing contest....both may be the same day!!!)

A Grand Match has not been held in more than 30 years. 251 games with 502 teams, each with 4 players each for a total of 2008 curlers! All on the ice, outdoors at the same time. Plus, as many spectators and plenty of "refreshments", too.

Seven inches of ice is needed. It looks like the Lake of Menteith may work this year. Keep your fingers crossed in the coming days for icy weather in Scotland and a good Pacific swell to the coast.

NASA just snapped a picture of snowy Great Britain. Looks good for the Grand Match!!!!