Saturday, December 12, 2009

My "Save" & Pika's Recovery

Last night, I pulled on my littlest human cousin's diaper to keep him from falling over. He is so proud of getting up on his two feet - but he puts meaning into the word "toddler". I like him. He smells like my human family. And, his eyes sparkle at me.

Meanwhile, Alice is visiting Pika and other family members. Pika has had a rough time this week. Catherine coming and going, the phone ringing constantly, Agustin without much time for the So Important Dog Walks in la calle. Thursday morning things calmed down a bit. Here is Pika relaxing at breakfast that day.

Hoy es el dia de la Virgin de Guadalupe!, as they say in Mexico. Alice and Catherine listened last night to a wonderful children's chorus from Morelia at a church in San Miguel de Allende, the Oratorio. Lots of songs for the "Princessa Negra" and also for Christmas.

Pika says "I'm the Princessa Negra!"

Pabu says, this world is not so important. I've been a yak and lots of other creatures in past lives. Lots more lives to live...