Saturday, September 26, 2009

Patches B-Day

Alice and I were invited to spaniel Patches' birthday party at the local school yard. He wore a rainbow ribbon. His new neighbors Corina - who looks like him, and Pizza - who is sniffing my rear in this photo came, too. So did tall curly Marcy who is related to poodles. The people had cake and fruit while the dogs got carob mini-cupcakes.

I left early. Pizza, the little puppy, still thinks he needs to "dominate" every dog, me, even big Marcy, too. Growling once and snarling once at him did not educate him. I wonder when he will grow up? He always seems fascinated with my curled tail flipped over my back. I suppose that is because he knows mostly only the spaniels who carry their tail lower.

I really hope he grows up before he meets a dog who bites if provoked.