Sunday, January 10, 2010

Many Have Outgrown Their Nannies

Right after the Royal Caledonian Club announced Friday no official Grand Match for Lake of Menteith, serious curlers started a Facebook page to hold a big outdoor curling event themselves.

By Friday evening, they had floodlights on the ice and had started curling. About 2,000 had stepped onto the ice, with many curling there on Saturday. The first ever Facebook curling flashmob! Here is a photo from that Facebook's page's Heather McRea's heartstopping photo of a dog watching the curlers on the Lake at sunset.
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The local hotel, the Lake Hotel, had been doing good business with soup on the deck. I'll bet their business was great today, too. And will be great this entire week.

Curlers plan to be there on the aborted day, Tuesday, January 12, and do the match without the official sanction. (The "Glorious Twelfth" anyone?) Trossachs Mountain Search & Rescue has stepped up to provide emergency services. Viva the volunteers!

Three cheers for all of those who have outgrown their nannies.

This is going all around Scotland electronically: "The Fiery Cross has been lit and as we speak is being electronically sent throughout our proud nation. Now is the time to arise from your slumbers and fight for our heritage. Contact your intended opposition if possible, and assemble at Lake of Menteith on Tuesday, to play the game we love. Allow time to mark your rink and prepare the surface. Above all, be careful, but enjoy the day. Forward the message to all who support civil liberty and the right to live as we choose."