Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pabu and Pabu for Valentine's Day 2010

Alice took me to T&C for a visit with Art, coffee for her, and a sniff-fest for me. Would you believe we met another "Pabu"! Here she is on Valentine's Day itself: Pabu the Pomeranian. Her person is Buddhist and picked the name from the same online list of Tibetan dog names my human family used. "Pabu" means puffball* in Tibetan. When I have a bath and blow dry I am pretty puffy, but Pabu the Pomeranian is puffier.

Here she is with her very special person. Kisses for all on Valentine's Day, and every other day, too!!!

Wasn't this a super special Valentine's Day treat to meet another Pabu?

* Pabu also is a saint and town in France and shorthand for birders for the painted bunting. Other than that it's just me and she!