Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Thoughts about "Credit Crisis"

I've been hearing lots on the radio news about the "Credit Crisis". Thanks to my many past lifetimes on many continents, I know exactly what is going on and why. So do those cows on the Vineyard.
It's just like those two dogs who barked and growled at me on my big daily walk today from behind their fences. They think they need to bark. They can't help it. They want to tell me they are big (when they are not) and powerful (they are not) and THIS is only THEIR yard I am walking by. They are really just afraid and haven't lived as many lives as I to know barking and growling does not get you anything good. I only bark if I really have a good reason and when I do I usually only give a big dog bark once or twice until my person pays attention. Firm, concise. No whining. No fear.
Fear. By USA congresscritters and executive branch wienies who think they won't get relected unless they pander to fill-in-the-blank lobbyists and voters such that there must be Class A Nuts-o-Rama laws allowing the idiot credit gamblers to run amock. Allowing people to continue to get credit with credit cards at ridiculously high interest rates - over 35%! - when they can never pay for it. Pika's person calls that debt slavery. Or allowing banks to gamble more than 30 dollars for every actual dollar they have. Those stupido "Ninja" home loans.
One has to be responsible. For example, I make sure my paws are clean every night. You never know when you might have to walk through snow where fluffy clean paws will be necessary. I save nubbins of Greenies for the times my Greenies stocks get low. I make sure to take care of my health by having a good sunsoak every day if the sun is out until I am panting hot. Kills of lots of bad internal bacteria and viruses you know! And no matter what, never ever panic.