Monday, August 18, 2008

More Olympics

Alice watched the ladies marathon 'tother day as they ran through the Temple of Heaven gardens and as they whizzed through Tsinghua University. I object to the whole Olympic thing - still put off by the fact dogs are not welcome. Not one in sight. I suppose it is too hot for dogs?
Random thoughts by Alice-- That white Pekingese in Beijing with a summer clip seen by Irene. The Tibetan Spaniel Alice saw her first morning in Beijing, trotting along on leash outside the Temple of Heaven wall. White with chestnut spots. Fluffy.
The two Papillons near her hotel. One white. One pale chesnut. Little tongues hanging out, panting.
Apparently in Beijing, dogs are not very welcome. All must be rather short. All must be walked only on certain streets at certain times. Always on leash. Always accompanied by their person with the dog papers. "Papers! Now! Show your PAPERZZZZ!"
The Olympics authorities demanded dogs be taken off the menus in that Northern Capitol city for the duration of the Olympics. As I say, not a place for dogs.

Alice is still mad she did not hear Ode of Joy at the Olympic Cermemonies. Lip-synching by an actress replacing a singer whose teeth were not approved at the very last minute by a Politburo member. (You just can't make this stuff up, says Alice.) And, she really can't stand the medal ceremony music. Bland-o-rama, she said. Loops too quickly, too.

The horses at the Olympics seem to be having a good time. Lots of vets. Lots of air conditioning. Water misters. They all looked great and seemed to be happy. Alice approved of the orange jacket worn by a Dutch rider for the stadium jumping contest.

Must think ever more positively, I say! So, Alice says she liked the fact a lady runner ran in a short skirt yesterday instead of in her undies as many seem to do. Would be interesting to see a lady dressed like this riding or throwing a javelin.
Better, of course, to be walking a dog INSIDE the wall of the Temple of Heaven. Stretching out for a cool under the covered corridor by the temple watching the man water paint on the smooth stones.
How about this idea: a marathon dog walk event? With stops allowed for tea and water breaks for walkers and dogs. Wouldn't that be great! Wouldn't that be better, humans, than running in your undies without your dog and collasping from heat and pain? Paper parasols for sunny days could be allowed.
And forget rhythmic gynmastics. Dancing with Your Dog would be much, much better.

PS All us dogs got word from Herman, the bulldog, that he is glad his person - the Young-Man-Who-Smells-ALWAYS-of-Chlorine, can relax and hopfully have more time for his dog very soon. For the record, Herman would endorse any product that removes 100% that smell of chlorine from his person and does not make his person or himself itchy. And, yes, Herman would like to see a dog event at the Olympics, too. Walking? Crate napping?

And, of course, dog skateboarding. That white clipped Peke in Beijing needs a skateboard. Now!