Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Uber Qilin of the Wiki

The first time Alice researched qilins on the Wikipedia, this one popped up on page one. At the Summer Palace of NW Beijing. Here she is giving it a respectfull hello surrounded by other admirers.
Would you want to be a metal statue stuck in one place - during the day - motionless while thousands ogled you? I know I would not. At least this one is the most famous - a consolation for it I suppose.
Behind that one and through a gateway, is this white one on a plinth, rather more discrete. A slower life. Fewer admirers. Maybe a bit easier to stay in Zen-zone there?
Alice looked at the lake this second qilin can smell. She thought it would be a good place for a curling bonspiel if the 100-only curlers in China could be encouraged to get out of their Olympics-only mindset and think of the real spirit of curling which includes bonspiels and long talks at bars after games.
Must send the Summer Palace qilins some ESP to tell any Chinese curlers they see to think: Bonspiel on the Summer Palace Lake!!!