Friday, October 10, 2008

Estoy un perro faldero!

Some people are as happy in their skin as I am. I have no problem being a lap dog. Nor with being so cute I am often mistaken for a girl dog despite being quite male.
Being a lap dog is a great job. Never out in the cold with frostbitten paws. No shortage of nice food and clean water. Nice people to give one massages.
We even have uber he-man support in California Governor "Aaaaahnult" Schwarzeneger who vetoed a state law 'tother week which would have killed the lapdog's primary job while in cars with their people. Can you imagine someone tried to stop us from doing our jobs with our people while we drive around?!
Found out today in Spanish-speaking places we lapdogs are known as "perro falderos". Skirt-dogs. Now I know why I like to peek out from under Alice's skirt at the world when she wears a long one and I'm on the ground under her chair.
Viva los perros falderos!!