Friday, February 02, 2007

First Daff Bloomed

Many years ago, Alice planted bunches of daffodils - after the sun went down - it was rather cold, she says. They used to be surrounded by a square of lavendar bushes, but they gave up their ghosts a couple of years ago. So she replaced the lavendar with primroses and moved the spinker system around but the daffs remained to multiply. She likes her primose path with daffs.
This year was unusual. Daffs started popping up in January. First one opened into a full bloom today. Alice pointed it out to me the other day before it opened. I was spectacularly uninterested. I mean really! To stop for a look at a flower in my own yard instead of dashing off *NOW* for the first walk 'n sniff of the day?
She's been thinking about St. David, patron saint of Wales. People there will wear a daffodil or leek on March 1 and many children wear national costumes in his honor. Doubt any of Alice's daffs will be around then.
She thinks there is a connection between me and Wales because where she first saw a Tibetan Spaniel was in Bhutan, which like Wales, has a dragon on its flag. I know the deeper truth about this but she can't hear me telling her about it. Dog ESP. Some people get it, some don't.
Happy (early) St. David's Day.
And.... yes, dragons, daffs and I all have ruffs around our necks.