Thursday, January 25, 2007

Green Blanket

I really like my new green blanket. I pull it towards me in a big heap and then cozy down on it. Best in a sunspot on a cool day like yesterday.
Today, I went for a long walk. Lots of new smells at places I'd never been to before. One smell was so great I wanted to lick it. Watched a big yellow machine around the corner digging a basement for a new house. The day the old house was torn down, Alice took a picture of me there. What do I remember of the old house? A yard almost entirely of pavement. Fence posts with burned out Catherine wheels from July 4th. One bush. One tree much too big for the house and too close too. A house with 20+ years of deferred maintenance. Lots of broken glass. I suspect we'll walk by there often to check on the progress. I always like watching construction projects. Seeing the new workers. The lunch trucks coming to sell them hot meals. Good action!
But for now, a post-walk, post-lunch snooze. Dogs sleep a lot. We know what matters most. Cogitate, mediate and dream sending contented vibes out to the world.